Friday, March 11, 2011

Five Games I'd Play If I Weren't So Fucking Poor

omg a non comic post

WELL, being unemployed kinda sucks. Especially when you're a video game reviewer. It means you can't play new video games unless someone else buys them for you.

And right now, there's suddenly a large pouring in of good games. Augh life why do you do this to me?! Let's just start this list so I can continue bawing.

1. Dragon Age II
I was an avid fan of the first game, and loved it despite the flaws it had. Really, the only part that truly bothered me about the game was the graphics. Yes, they're stunning at times, but the people looked like generic sims characters.

And then I saw an ad for Dragon Age II. I had even forgotten one was being made. I didn't even know it was coming out so soon! It caught me completely by surprise, and of course, I saw the ad the day I became gainfully unemployed. Wonderful.

2. De Blob 2
Okay I know what you're thinking. "Haha, wtf is that game?" Well, the first De Blob was a cute, enjoyable game. I love coloring and such, and had such a fun time playing it. Again, this is one of those games where I had no idea it was even coming out, so I was completely excited when I saw the ad. This seems like it'd become cheaper faster, so you might see me reviewing it in the future.

3. World of Warcraft: Cataclysm
As someone who's played WoW since before BC came out, when I heard what was going to happen to Azeroth I nearly shit my pants. I never heard of a MMO this dramatically changing its world, and was pretty amazed that they had the balls to do this. I haven't seen any of the new changes yet, but I so badly want to... grrr. Thanks for dangling this in front of my face, Blizzard. :c

4. Anything Kinect
You know those annoying people who hog time up on display games? Who make loud noises like "WHOA" and "AWESOME" when they play it? Last weekend I was that person. I tried Kinect and was absolutely batshit insane for it. I love being active, so if I can combine that with gaming, perfect, right? I'm also really excited to try some of the yoga programs with Kinect, because the only complaint I've had with WiiFit is that it really can't tell if you're doing it right.

This of course is the most expensive of the games, so no way this is showing up for a while.

5. Pokemon Black and White
Left the one I was most excited for last. I have been playing Pokemon since Red, although Yellow was the first version I absolutely fell in love with. Then along came Gold (and rest assured I came everywhere when I played HeartGold) and I was stuck with this franchise for life. When I first heard about Black and White, I was skeptical. "Oh, this again." And then I've heard from others who played it.

And most importantly, I've been following this blog which has several posts about Pokemon. Needless to say, I am extremely jealous! Extremely, extremely, jealous. And full of hatred. I'm probably going to end up buying White as I love Butterfree and the other pokemon exclusive to the White version. Plus I'd love to go to the White Forest and alsdlkfjsld-- Dammit, Nintendo! I want to play this so badly!

Well, those are my thoughts on the new games out this season. I can't play any of them yet, so maybe I'll just sit in a corner and cry. What games are you looking forward to?


  1. I'm never one to advocate piracy but....arg.

    There are so many really good PC games coming out this year that I have no idea how I am going to play them all. Star Wars: The Old Republic is probably the one I'm looking most forward to.

  2. Of the games listed, Im most likely to grab Pokemon Black and White, and later on maybe Dragon Age 2.

  3. I've heard a lot of people are greatly disappointed with Black and White, sadly.

  4. Being unemployed really does suck. I'm underemployed at the moment, so that means no extras (i.e. games) for me either :(

  5. I agree on Pokemon, i know exactly how ya feel.

    Theres a few games out there that I wanna play dont want em enough that id pay full price for them.

    Its annoying cause some of my favourite games have been those I wasnt hyped up for for months

  6. I know how you feel. With skyrim coming out this year, I'll need a whole new computer to play (I will not ruin it by playing on a console). Being a uni student basically just sucks your money away. I really do feel for you. :(

  7. Agreed with Kinect (I think it'd be fun to try a few times) and De Blob 2.

  8. Try and get some free trials for WoW, you'll come to love it, I'm sure!

  9. Solid read. I agree with the breakdowns. Good choices too obv.

  10. I'm echoing what Aaron said. Yarr....

    I miss WoW, but I liked it during the Burning Crusade. I still think that was the best xpac. I quit 2 months after Cata rolled out.

  11. I want to play the new dragon age soo badly..

  12. I have money. And all those games suck.

  13. Ahh unemployed does suck! I feel for you bro!

  14. I heard bad things about Dragon Age 2, but I'm still excited to give a try one day, like you I'm broke and will only get a chance at it when it shoots down in price.

    My friend's woman got Pokemon Black but I haven't heard anything about it yet..

  15. God, I know how you feel :/ nice post!

  16. nice list, they are all pretty cool games.

  17. ♪Do what you want cause a pirate is free, you are a pirate!♪