Tuesday, March 29, 2011

My Computer Died ;____;


You'll notice I've been gone for a while, and have produced no updates. Let's just say, I had another week from hell.

First, I get sick over the weekend. And then, finally when I'm healthy decide to draw, my computer suddenly disconnects from the internet. "Okay," I say, and just restart the computer like everyone advises.

Then suddenly everything begins to fall apart and long story short, my computer is dead. :c All of my sketches, story notes, etc are GOOOOONE! /cry

I can still write reviews on my crappy old laptop, but if I want to do any graphic design stuff, it'll have to wait. No drawing, no coloring, no new banners for a while. :c Nothing pretty until I get a new desktop.

What's worse is that because I don't have a job, the only money I have coming in is the little amount I make from this blog. So yeah, I'm very unhappy.

A depressed panda is me. Will update later.

PS Finally over my cold, so I can actually have the energy to post this week. Of course this would happen when I feel better.