Sunday, February 6, 2011


Okay, I lied. I definitely do have energy for a SMALL review. Or maybe it's just me gushing. Hahaha.

Anyways, so recently, I discovered that the lovely folks at Capcom are not only making a Layton vs Phoenix Wright game, but a new Turnabout Investigations game as well! While the first Turnabout Investigations was good, it was missing a little "umph" that made the trial games so special. Perhaps it was because how the Turnabout Trials were organized; one part was investigation, and then the other part was the trial-- and during the trial part, you KNEW you were supposed to be on edge. I don't recall myself feeling particularly on edge during the Investigation game. That could also be because the suspect changed so often-- you never really were able to grow attached to the defendant. It was more about convicting the real murderer, not saving someone in trouble. However, this is probably because the game revolves around a prosecutor.

Looking at the trailer for the second, however, has me genuinely excited. It looks like DeKiller is going to be in the game-- and directly questioned, too! There's also a new lady judge, a new asshole prosecutor, and a detective that knew Edgeworth's father. What's interesting about the last bit is that the detective mentions Edgeworth being a defense attorney-- something I fully support! It would be interesting to see an Ace Attorney: Miles Edgeworth game. There's also a new feature called Logic Chess, which looks to be a MUCH BETTER upgrade from the standard logic he had last time. Srsly, this comic sums up the "SPECIAL ABILITY" :