Monday, December 13, 2010

Bug Mondays

Mondays suck. I always feel sick to my stomach on them.

So why not upload shots of bugs and other glitches on this joyous occasion?

This bug is of one of my friends in a dungeon. Her character glitched and stayed in place while she rode off on her horse... It was quite amusing to see her levitate and gyrate in place. 

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Current Addiction: Mabinogi (An AS Game Review)

Howdy, folks. AS again!

Certainly not my first MMORPG, but one of my favorites, is Mabinogi. A Korean game based on Celtic mythology, Mabinogi explores a world filled with monsters called Fomors and their war against the humans. Battle your way through the world as a human, elf, or giant; mage, archer, melee warrior, or alchemist; become a holy paladin or dark knight, and eventually become a god in this vast and ever-growing game. However, while having a wide and varied list of things you can do in this game, its over-expansion leads to some serious downfalls. It's clear that Nexon puts its best developers to work at cranking out new features while letting older and considerably more broken features lay to waste at the expense of their customers. Not to mention the notorious reputation the company that runs the game, Nexon, has with its customers... But every game has its flaws, right?