Thursday, March 3, 2011

Vexing, Page 3 (Cover Page for Chap 1)

NOTE: Septembre is the name of the volume. The title of the graphic novel itself is Vexing, still.

Just who is this mystery woman? You'll have to wait til next week to find out. Anyways, I was done early (again) so I thought I'd be nice and post it. But now I'm starting building a buffer, so I will -not- be posting them early from this point on.

Since this is the start of chapter 1, I drew a nice little sketch of one of the important players coming in soon. I like the idea of having as a sketch instead of a mouse-inked shot, because quite honestly this is one of the best drawings I've done in a while. There is a NSFW version as well, but I will wait to post that up when Vexing has its own website. You'll just have to wait for that as well. <3

The flower shown is an Arabian Jasmine. It's the national flower of the Philippines. It's used in many folk medicines, is used for Jasmine tea, and is used for hair adornments and leis. It's the symbol of devotion and eternal love.

Anywho, I'll see you guys tomorrow. Sorry for those waiting on more video game reviews-- there is a reason why I'm taking a while to review Time Hollow (hint: It's awful.)