Thursday, March 31, 2011

Well, it's official.

Hey folks. I know a few of you were curious about how my computer was, so here's the damage report:

PSU is shot, motherboard is dead, ram's gone, a few fans are dead, and some wires melted... Basically the PSU died, and that led to everything else crashing along with it. My friends have made some decent computer builds, but for what I'm used to running for my editing, I can't just make a quick cheap one. All of their recommended builds cost around $400.

I was not able to get back in time to back up any recent sketches or my original .PSDs of all of my Vexing pages. Naturally, this has me a little sad.

Hopefully this money I can scrap up enough cash to build a computer so I don't lose too much time. Fortunately I'm participating in a new website that can pull in a steady income, and at any rate, a new project always cheers me up. More details about that later. For now any support I can get would be great.

See you later.