Monday, February 28, 2011

Vexing, Page 1

cosette gurl you gotz some bad bed hair i feel yo pain

Ah, so this is the real reason why I've been taking a while. Mostly character design, story development, all the fun finishing touches to the unfinished work. Yes, this is the lesbian one. I know what you're thinking: "Wait, she said something about a prince! So isn't she really a bisexual? I want my lesbian seckzorz!1!eleven!" Wait and see folks... Anyways, I'm really happy about how the mini-dream sequence and the chibi Cosette came out. The pillow is Gawd Awful though.

So what is Vexing about? It's mostly a graphic novel playing with themes that have always caught my attention: fairy tales, female homosexuality, gender issues (both female and male sexism-- yes, male sexism DOES exist, ladies) and other things I don't care to reveal at this point. I promise to not make this like so many other LGBT stories where everyone except the bad guys are gay on some level-- even though I'm bi, I have always found this annoying and want some level of realism. waitjenathisisagraphicnovelwhatdoyoumeanbyrealismstfu.

Next update Vexing update coming Wednesday. Pretty soon it'll have its own private home away from my blog.