Sunday, February 20, 2011

More Tricks Up Takumi's Sleeve (Ghost Trick Review)

Ghost Trick features a pointy haired protagonist on a quest for the truth,
a food loving girl you must save on a number of occasions,
a lovable oaf of a detective,
a young girl who has a parent in jail,
a dead mentor,
a lawman that will stop at nothing to have a perfect record
a wishy-washy minister of justice--
wait a minute

When I first heard that Ghost Trick was being made by the same man who was behind Turnabout Trial, initially I was a little worried. I was thinking that this meant there would be no more Turnabout games, no more Phoenix Wright, and bye-bye Edgeworth. Fortunately, I was very wrong. Turnabout Investigation came first, along with the announced Prof Layton vs Phoenix Wright game, and now there's a second Turnabout Investigation game being released soon. With this franchise growing strongly, it seems like Phoenix is still here to stay. So with those worries aside, I was finally able to suck it up and try out Ghost Trick.

And boy, was it worth it.