Thursday, March 24, 2011

New Blog! And Music for Vexing!

Posting my Time Hollow review later today guys. So just bare with me while I make this quick post.

Okay, it's not really music for Vexing, but it's music that I listen to while drawing to get me in the mood. I'm actually listening to this playlist right now. There isn't a whole lot of upbeat tracks you'll notice. That's because while there are lighthearted moments, the series itself is not what I'd classify as a comedy. It deals with some very dark subjects. Some subjects are very close to my heart and are still very tender.

The inspiration for Vexing mostly comes from a dream I had when I was younger. I had a dream that I met a prince, who rescued from a school that had me trapped. Later I would learn what this dream really meant, but in the moment, all I knew was that my dream prince was my "destined person" and that the current situation I was in was on the outside perfect and sunshiny, but it scared me to death. It's hard to explain unless you've had a dream like that, but I'm sure everyone has. Haha, I guess that means it's not at all hard to explain. I know what you're thinking, "But you keep saying the main character is a lesbian!" Well, that is really me just over simplifying everything. Who's to say Cosette is ever going to have a homosexual encounter? ... Well, ME, but you'll just have to wait. Cosette has her own psychology I've developed, and I'll just have to see where it takes me. Don't get me wrong, I definitely know where I want this story to go, but sometimes when you go to set it in stone, it takes a sharp turn somewhere and goes off in a different direction, and that path is beautiful and wonderful.

Combine all that with murder mysteries, fairytales, and a ton of other things, and you've got Vexing. Enjoy the music, because it has certainly helped me with the writing/drawing process.


 OH YEAH. Also, I have a new blog! I keep getting questions about blogging, so I decided to just make a new blog to help people out with different things. Check it out!

Anyways, see you later today for the Time Hollow review.