Tuesday, March 29, 2011

My Computer Died ;____;


You'll notice I've been gone for a while, and have produced no updates. Let's just say, I had another week from hell.

First, I get sick over the weekend. And then, finally when I'm healthy decide to draw, my computer suddenly disconnects from the internet. "Okay," I say, and just restart the computer like everyone advises.

Then suddenly everything begins to fall apart and long story short, my computer is dead. :c All of my sketches, story notes, etc are GOOOOONE! /cry

I can still write reviews on my crappy old laptop, but if I want to do any graphic design stuff, it'll have to wait. No drawing, no coloring, no new banners for a while. :c Nothing pretty until I get a new desktop.

What's worse is that because I don't have a job, the only money I have coming in is the little amount I make from this blog. So yeah, I'm very unhappy.

A depressed panda is me. Will update later.

PS Finally over my cold, so I can actually have the energy to post this week. Of course this would happen when I feel better.


  1. Man, that blows. Any idea what's wrong with it, can you recover any of the data? I'm sure there must be some one who can access the hard drive if it's still intact and get your art.

  2. We're here for you, dear, dear friend. All the support you need is right here! :D
    That's spiritual support, of course. I have no money either. >.<

  3. Wow, I've heard of a sad panda, but a depressed one? Dawwwww....

  4. Oh no! :( That's horrible. I wonder what happened to it? Any way of salvaging it? I'm sorry for the misfortune. Glad to hear you're feeling better though.

  5. Oh no... I feel your pain :/ that's when I started making copies on to an external. I hope you recover sooner than you expect!

  6. That's no good.

    I've put together a budget build over here:

    I'll see what I can do about the paypal issues.

  7. Always have a backup and set up raid array!

  8. That is terrible. Such rotten luck. Wish you all the best, mate.

  9. So sorry to hear this. I hope my donation goes a long way :)

  10. looking forward to more blog's mate

  11. Oh man, that sucks, I really hope you're able to recover some stuff, I think I'll do a backup right now