Friday, September 30, 2011

I... I am alive!

I'm so very, very sorry for letting this little blog of mine fall into despair... but you see, I have some news!

First up, I got a job back in July. I'm just a simple barista at a cafe, but it brings in some money and eats up a fair amount of time! It's in a bookstore so I get to read plenty of free comics and manga now, and meeting many other nerds... so I am slowly slipping further and further into my nerd circle. orz help me

Next up, remember that visual novel I mentioned working on? Weeeeelll.... It's sort of full-speed ahead. I'll dedicate more posts to it in the future, so I'll leave it short here. Feel free to visit to check it out though!

Then throw in tiny things like school, additional projects, and all that jazz, and you get one very tired blogger with little time for blogging! I shall try changing that, but I can't promise anything... But god help me, I'll try!

I'm going to try reviewing a western comic book for once: WALKING DEAD. Expect it next time!


  1. Good to see you back, and it's good to hear you've got a job. Looking forward to more posts - and news about the visual novel, especially.