Thursday, March 17, 2011

First Thoughts: Pokemon White

So, I caved, went into GameStop, and traded in a few games. Mostly stuff I had already played out for what they're worth: Fable 2, Fable 3, Assassin's Creed II, and a few other DS games (I lol'd at the fact that Time Hollow only got me 40 cents). I managed to get almost $100 in trades, so I grabbed De Blob 2 and Pokemon White. I'm absolutely thrilled with both of them so far, but I have a long rambling post about DB2 so I'll save that for a later time.

Already Generation V is off to a different start. Straight away from the beginning, instead of one rival, you get "two," but they're more like childhood friends. You also get to pick a pokemon right away after going through the beginning choices (are you a girl, what's your name, etc). I've always been a lover of fire types, but beyond that, Tepig is the most adorable starter I've seen in a while. So of course, I snatched him up. Your rivals are quick to call a battle, eager to see what they can do now that they're officially trainers. Of course, none of the starters have any special abilities yet, so you can easily beat them with the right strategy.

Something I found funny is that the characters are for once more in touch with reality; the more intellectual friend is quick to say, "But wait, we're inside! We can't have a pokemon battle here! You'll make a mess!" Later on, you also see an example of a parent not wanting one of the children to go out and explore the world as a trainer (but of course, the more "reasonable" parent is quick to say "Oh this is normal, just let her go.")

Team Plasma also has an interesting approach to their villainous plot-- they are bent on "liberating" Pokemon. This is the first (at least, that I've seen) where SOMEONE has suggested that Pokemon and people really aren't partners, but rather Pokemon are enslaved by people to do battle.

And finally, I was also intrigued by the new game engine. Instead of a completely 2D battle, Pokemon White and Black truly make use of the DS' capabilities. While the Pokemon are still pixelated sprites, they are at least animated. The arena moves around and pans to the Pokemon being attacked. And if you idle, the camera begins to pan around, as if you're looking around for something to do. Also, the annoying BEBOOP BEBOOP sound effect for when your Pokemon's health is in the red is gone. Instead, a new music track plays.

Overall, I'm digging the new Pokemon. I only have a few hours logged on my file, but so far, so good.

And now, I return to my video games.


  1. Sounds good, I know some friends who for some reason decided to get both black and white, and I couldn't figure out why considering we all keep in contact...

  2. I specially like the plot points in this one, and how some obvious issues (like what you said about the dad not wanting to let go of Bianca) are finally touched upon.

  3. These games really need to find a new format, it seems that all of these new fancy pokemon games are essentially red and blue just with updated graphics. Good the first few times but for me i cant handle all of that repetition.

  4. Just got pokemon white as well, on ROM though. I never seem grow tired of pokemon games :) 4 gym badges so far, gotta catch em all!

  5. POKEMANZ!!! wish i had the money for this :( still the reason i don't is because i went on tour. tour/pokemon.....tour :P

  6. Im still figuring out all the Wi-Fi crap. You can trade online now!? GASP!
    Back in my day, you had to toss rocks until the pokemon just decided to follow you around.

  7. I haven't played Pokemon since red :/ Is it still as good as the first ones?